Mindful practice in Pain Management

One of the difficulties that faces people with Chronic Pain issues, is the way in which the discomfort evades every part of daily living. Treatment plans can and do help in many ways,but the key to being able to manage daily is the ability to have purpose and reason the rise above the symptoms and difficulties that are presented. Pain Coaching is an excellent way help do this.  We know that living with chronic pain often effects:

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Mindful Pain Coaching helps to change that. The use of skills such as MINDFULNESS and A.C.T. (Acceptance Commitment Therapy) help individuals to be aware and attentive to their health needs whilst at the same time using a whole range of techniques to ensure that it doesn’t take over. Over a period of time health issues stop becoming the thing that defines us.

It does this by challenging our preconceived ideas about the effect pain is having on our lives, changing our beliefs systems and opening us up to new possibilities even with the pain. The problem is that, once we believe something we tend to act according to that belief. Somehow  if we believe that our ill health is ruining our lives, then we behave in a way which confirms that belief

Rather than running away from the pain, we try to focus into it, finding new ways of managing the limitations it brings. One small step at a time, we will working with you to move forward u making small changes here and there, each step moving you further away from the impact of your pain.It doesn’t matter if the issues are physical, emotional or social, the impact has a real negative on everyday life to a level which is far beyond that of the condition itself.

Mindful Pain Coaching is not a cure, it is not a therapy, it is not counseling or hypnosis. It is an approach which helps you look at the way that your health issues have impacted on your life, and assist you to find ways that may make it less burdensome.

Mindful Pain Coaching helps you regain the person you were before, have always been….. and can be again.

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